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Japan has the third largest economy in the world. The economy has grown for seven quarters in a row, the greatest streak in over two decades. Japan is known for its pro-business policies and commitment to research and development as well as technological leadership. Japan boasts one of the world’s best-educated worker forces and a low unemployment rate.

Japan Investment Immigration Programs Overview

The Investor Business Manager Visa allows foreign investors to get permanent residency in Japan in as little as one year. Investors with permanent residency can take advantage of low-interest mortgage financing from Japanese banks to purchase real estate.

Under a fast-track system that grants permanent resident visas based on a point system, highly talented foreigners are able to apply for permanent residency. In 2012, Japan’s Ministry of Justice implemented a points-based system for applicants who fit into one of three categories: advanced academic research, advanced specialized/technical research, or advanced business management.

Those with a score of more than 70 points must stay for three years before applying for permanent residency, while those with a score of more than 80 points must only stay for a year. Other accomplishments by the applicants, such as work in technology and other growing areas, graduation from a prestigious university, and a successful career as a high-net-worth investor, can earn extra points under the new method.

Citizenship By Investment

While there is no CBI program in Japan, permanent residency can be gained in a year.

How to Apply: Submit an application to the Japanese Immigration Bureau, which should take a few months to process.


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