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What is a Norway Investor visa?

Norway belongs to the Schengen Area. It has a robust and open economy. The authorities are aware of the benefits of a free market. They put forth every effort to expand business in the country. Foreign investment is one option. The Norwegian government is eager to attract international investment. The Investor Visa was created to entice foreign investment into the country. You can migrate to Norway and obtain Permanent Residence if you meet the requirements.

Who is Eligible for the Norway Investor visa?

A Norway investment visa is available to almost everyone who meets the requirements.

Allowance to enter

A few requirements must be met in order to be eligible for a Norway Investor visa. The first is that you must be legally permitted to enter Norway. A valid passport from the nation in which you now reside is required. Additionally, you must not have been involved in any of the following:

  • Terrorist actions
  • Being in jail or prison
  • Attempting to overturn countries
  • Human trafficking
  • Drug selling
  • Other unlawful activities

You must give a clean record if you have been convicted of a crime

Initial investment funds

Investor visa applicants must also have sufficient finances. In Norway, a minimum investment of 100.000 EUR is required. To be eligible for an investor visa, you must show that you have the least amount of money.

Please keep in mind that the requirements for a Norway investor visa are subject to change.


Proof to have enough funds

You must have enough money to pay your expenses in Norway in addition to the initial investment capital. Norway is a somewhat costly country. Financial self-sufficiency is a must. If you’re travelling with family, you’ll need to be prepared to assist them as well.

Note that the Norwegian government may enact new regulations. If not, they may request additional requirements.