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Investors who invest a minimum of $40,000 in Panama are eligible for a resident visa. The golden visa investment must be put into a legally recognized reforestation project. In exchange, the investor, his or her spouse, and any dependent children will be given a resident visa and may be eligible for citizenship in the future.

PERMANENT RESIDENCY is a term that refers to a person’s ability to live

Investment can be used in a variety of ways to obtain a Permanent Residency in Panama. The most affordable approach is to spend $80,000 on a government-approved reforestation project. Additionally, investors must hold five hectares of titled land. Initially, the temporary residency will be given, followed by permanent residency a year later.

Permanent Residency in Panama through real estate investment is also highly common. Applicants must spend at least $300,000 on real estate, plus costs. La Vida has a number of real estate projects that are eligible for the program. After October 16, 2022, the minimum amount will increase to $500,000.


This program does not allow for direct citizenship through investing in Panama. After five years of permanent presence in Panama, the investor and their family can petition for citizenship.


The problem with the Panamanian program is that it necessitates long-term stay in the country before applying for citizenship and a passport. As a result, the process will take at least five years. Other official and well-established programs, such as those in St Lucia and Antigua, provide immediate citizenship and a second passport without requiring residency.