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Investment for Residency and Citizenship

This type of visa is provided to third-country nationals who are or will become shareholders or colleagues in firms having legal existence in Romania, in management and administrative roles, with the previous approval of the Romanian Center for the Promotion of Foreign Investments.

In recent years, Romania has performed a modest economic miracle, sweeping away the remains of socialist planning and converting itself into a model of free-market reform. It is a full member of the EU and will shortly join Schengen, and its GDP is rapidly increasing. It is currently more inexpensive to invest in Romania than elsewhere in the EU due to the difference in cost of living, but with the potential of increased prosperity thanks to EU funding, there is a good likelihood that the value of the investment will grow in the future.

All foreign citizens who spend the minimum required amount in a firm in Romania that will create at least 10 permanent jobs for a period of at least 5 years are eligible for the Romanian Investor Visa.

The investment procedure in Romania can be quite perplexing because the legislative machinery is constantly changing due to various political changes, causing ambiguities. We can assist you handle this with ease thanks to our experienced consulting staff.