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Uruguay is a forward-thinking South American country where one can settle. Permanent residency/citizenship, on the other hand, can take up to three years. Because foreigners have more land ownership rights in Uruguay, most investors will invest in a home or farmland. After you’ve made your investment, you can apply for a cedula (South American travel document), which is an accepted travel document given to persons who have been granted official residency status in the country.

Because Uruguay is a civil law jurisdiction rather than a common law nation, you will receive a passport before becoming a citizen. If you are married, you must reside in the United States for three years in order to obtain this travel document.

It is quite easy to obtain residency in Uruguay. It is quite inviting, and there are only a few standards to meet. It isn’t even necessary for you to invest in the country.

Do you want to start a business in Uruguay as an entrepreneur? Biz Latin Hub, based in Colombia, assists businesses in navigating the legal difficulties of setting up shop in a new country. Every country is unique, and Craig Dempsey and his team can assist you in making Uruguay your new home.

Craig Dempsey and his team can help make Uruguay your new companies home.

Here are the reasons to make Uruguay your new home!

What makes Uruguay stand out?

For starters, it has Latin America’s greatest GDP per capita, as well as a large middle class, modern infrastructure, and stable institutions. Foreign and domestic investors are treated equally, private property is highly valued, and capital movement in and out of the country is unrestricted.

Uruguay has continuously been ranked as the least corrupt country in Latin America by Transparency International over the years. Uruguay is rated as the continent’s most democratic country by the Economist Intelligence Unit. In terms of rule of law, the country is ranked first by the World Justice Project.