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Albania is surrounded by Greece, Macedonia, and Montenegro in the south-eastern Balkan peninsula. Albania serves as a trading gateway to the Balkans. Castles, archaeology, and resorts are all popular in the country. The local currency is the Lek (ALK), which exchanges for about 125 ALK per USD. Perfumes and cosmetics, as well as food and tobacco goods, are Albania’s key industries. Albania has the greatest onshore oil reserves in Europe and the second-largest oil deposits in the Balkans (behind Romania).

Name of the investment Independent economic activity

A minimum investment of €100,000 in a new or existing Albanian firm is required.

Investments That Qualify

Real estate, energy, tourism, manufacturing, and information technology are all areas where companies invest.

Type of Visa

Investors with an independent economic business or a residence visa should apply for type “B/I.”

  • Residency for Life
  • Albanian Citizenship after 5 Years
  • Albania has been my home for the past five years.
  • Albanian identity card
  • Albanian passport holders can travel to EU Schengen countries without a visa. For the United Kingdom and the United States, a visa is necessary.