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Brazil is Latin America’s largest and most powerful economy. Brazil has the world’s largest industrial sector, as well as a broad and sophisticated services sector. The Brazilian Real is the most widely used currency. According to Forbes, Brazil has the fifth-largest number of billionaires in the world. Textiles, machinery & equipment, agriculture, and automobiles are all important industries in Brazil.


Investor Visa in Brazil: A Practical Guide

The National Immigration Council (CNIg) governs the investor visa process in Brazil, with a new Normative Resolution enacted in 2015. This new resolution introduces new restrictions for the Brazilian investor visa process, such as a new minimum amount of foreign investment and unique rules for startups in the innovation and technological sectors, for example.

Many overseas investors struggle to understand the practical parts of the investor visa procedure due to the ever-changing set of laws and Brazilian bureaucracy impediments. Questions like when should I move to Brazil, how should I send and apply for the investment, and what documents should I prepare are typical, and if not answered correctly can result in a visa denial notice, as well as a significant amount of time and money wasted.

·         Foreign investor permanent visa is the name of the investment.

·         $40,000 as a minimum investment

·         “Permanent resident visa” is the type of visa available (VIPER)

·         Investments That Qualify

·         An investment in a Brazilian business (investment plan in a new business or in the expansion of an existing one)