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Non-EU citizens may apply for a temporary residency visa under the Aliens Act if they want to study, work, or do business with a spouse, close relative, or family reunification. Medical insurance and proof of income twice the level of subsistence in Estonia are necessary to qualify for temporary residence. In 2019, the subsistence level for the first family member is €150 per month, and for each subsequent family member it is €120 per month.


The annual immigration quota, which cannot exceed 0.1 percent of the permanent population of Estonia in a single year, governs the issuing of residency permits. This does not apply to applicants from the United States or Japan, nor to citizens requesting for residency in the United States.


Foreigners who participate in a corporation or operate as sole owners, or who invest at least €65,000 (€16,000 if self-employed) in a business activity in Estonia are given residency. Investments include the capital stock, subordinated liabilities, and the amount of fixed assets registered.


  • Have a physical address in Estonia that is registered with the Population Register.
  • Make sure you have health insurance.
  • An Estonian or English business strategy.

The following information must be included in the business plan description:

  • business idea – planned activities, potential clients and suppliers, development plans, fixed assets available for the company, circulating capital, and labor force being used
  • projected income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow forecast for the next two financial years
  • Curriculum vitae of those who undertake managerial and supervisory tasks
  • Motivation – why is it vital for the company to have the candidate settle in Estonia?