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A passive investment of EUR 300,000 in a French firm will grant candidates and their families a four-year visa that can be renewed as long as the investment is maintained. Applicants are eligible for permanent residency after five years of continuous residence in France – or, according to EU laws, any EU country. Applicants may apply for citizenship a year after gaining permanent residence if they have demonstrated competency in the French language during the previous 5-6 years.​

What is the French Tech Visa?

France has recently launched a series of immigration initiatives aimed at attracting skilled professionals and entrepreneurs, known as the French Tech Visa or the Talent Passport, respectively. The subcategory “Business Investor” is particularly intriguing to those of us in the investment migration industry. Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered:

  • ​ Make a minimum investment of €300,000 in fixed tangible or intangible assets.
  • Invest directly or through a company in which they own at least 30% of the stock.
  • They must own at least 10% of the firm they are investing in.
  • Within four years of the investment, generate or protect (or commit to create or protect) jobs.

The spouse and dependents of the investor may also be included in the application and may take up employment in France.

Where to invest?

The Macron administration is now putting together a list of authorized enterprises in which applicants can invest in order to be considered. In the meanwhile, potential investors might consult with a business immigration consultant to see if a company they want to invest in qualifies.