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Ireland Investment Visa

In 2012, the Ireland Immigrant Investor Program was launched to allow rich people and families from outside the European Union to apply for residency in Ireland in exchange for making an approved investment in the Irish economy.

Investor Visa Ireland Eligibility 2021

Obtaining a “Golden Visa” through the Irish Immigrant Investor Program is currently the sole way to obtain Irish citizenship through investment. A candidate must have a lawfully established minimum net worth of €2 million to be eligible for an Irish Investment Visa. In addition, the applicant must be of good character and have no criminal convictions elsewhere in the world. Before an EU Investor Visa may be granted, an applicant must show the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) that he or she has made sufficient investment in the nation in accordance with the program’s regulations.

Immigrant Investor Program Ireland Process

Step 1: Locate an experienced Ireland immigration attorney.

Step 2: Consult with legal advice on Ireland’s investment immigration and citizenship by investment alternatives.

Step 3: Collaborate with an Irish immigration lawyer to get the necessary supporting documents.

Step 4: Submit an application to Irish immigration officials based on one of the four investment possibilities now available.

Step 5: Obtain approval from the Immigration Ireland Evaluation Committee for your Ireland Golden Visa application.


Step 6: Once an Irish Investor Visa application has been approved by the Minister for Justice and Equality, the candidate must make the required investment and submit proof that the investment has been made in full.

Step 7: Show proof of enough private medical insurance.

Step 8: Submit an Affidavit of Good Character signed by an Irish attorney licensed to practice law.

Step 9: Once the investment is confirmed, successful applicants and any eligible family members included in the application will be awarded an initial two-year residency in Ireland.