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Lithuania Investment Immigration Programs Overview

Although Lithuania does not have an official citizenship-by-investment program, it has granted a startup visa to entrepreneurs since 2017. The visa is valid for one year and can be renewed, allowing you to travel freely throughout the Schengen Area. If successful applicants maintain good standing, they will be granted permanent status and eventually citizenship.

All business proposals are rigorously assessed by a panel of specialists from the business world, as well as government immigration officials, in order to pick for truly viable firms, especially in the high-tech area. The Lithuanian startup visa compares favorably to other European programs for immigrant entrepreneurs because it has no minimum capital requirements, a family-friendly framework that allows relatives to follow the investor, and plenty of logistical help for successful candidates.

How To Apply

Startup visa applications are initiated using an online application site, and would-be entrepreneurs are then invited to participate in a 30 to 60 minute video interview, which must include a brief pitch to a panel of business experts. According to experts, the business pitch is an important component of the application process because only genuinely viable enterprises operated by entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and resources will be eligible for startup visas. Unsuccessful applicants, on the other hand, are urged to develop their company concept further and reapply.

Applicants receive a letter of support for their business idea once the panel of experts has accepted it, which they can use to seek a temporary residence visa from the Lithuanian consulate in their home country or the Lithuanian Migration Department. There is no application fee, but successful candidates must pay either 114 euros or 228 euros for a temporary residency permit (depending on processing speed). Successful applicants must begin their business in Lithuania within 30 days of their arrival.