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North Macedonia

North Macedonia citizenship by investment program

Make a government donation of €200,000, with associated expenses, to gain citizenship in North Macedonia through investment. The main applicants will be allowed to bring their spouse and children under the age of 18. Only 1,000 applications are accepted each year under the program’s yearly application quota.

North Macedonia is a Balkan country bordering Greece and Bulgaria in Southeast Europe. The country is currently in the process of negotiating with the EU to become a full member of the EU.

Citizenship by investment fees

Applicants will be charged due diligence, application, and processing fees in addition to the €200,000 government gift. Depending on the number of candidates, investors should budget for the following.

  • Single applicant €250,000, fees included;
  • Couples application €280,000, expenses included;
  • €300,000 for a family of three, including fees;
  • €310,000 for a family of four, including fees.