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How to Obtain Residence in Paraguay by Investing?


The Paraguay Residence by Investment Program is the most affordable South American investor’s immigration solution.

The required investment amount is 70,000 USD, and you have ten years to put it towards your business or investment proposal. After landing in Paraguay, the investor must fund his or her enterprise. To enter Paraguay, the applicant must first obtain a Paraguay investment visa. After that, the applicant must register a firm and apply for a permanent residence permit.

If you need a visa to enter Paraguay, however, registering as an investor would greatly assist you in starting and finishing the procedure quickly. This investor program leads to citizenship, although it is a residence program rather than an investment-based citizenship program. After three years, permanent residents of Paraguay can petition for citizenship, but the naturalization procedure takes another two years.

In practice, this means that you must do any type of business in Paraguay. It’s an entrepreneur immigration scheme, not a true residency by investment program. The program’s foundation is the formation of a firm rather than investing. The sum of 70,000 USD is sufficient to begin and complete a small project in ten years. A restaurant, bar, or store, for example.
Paraguay is a friendly country, so this sum isn’t excessive; they don’t ask you to buy anything or make a payment to the government.