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Denmark Startup visa

There is no residency-by-investment program in Denmark. The country is fairly picky about who it accepts as business migrants. There is only one option, which is known as the Startup visa. It allows candidates to stay in the country for two years. If some extra requirements are completed, permanent residence can be granted in 6 or 4 years. After 9 years of residency in Denmark, you can apply for naturalization.

Startup Denmark is a program that allows overseas entrepreneurs to apply for a Danish residency permit in order to start and run an innovative growth company.

Before SIRI can complete your application for a residence and work permit under the scheme, your business proposal must be approved by a team of experts designated by the Danish Business Authority.

Individuals and groups of up to three persons who want to start a business together in Denmark using a joint business plan can use the scheme.

You must supply the following:

  • Proof of payment of the charge. Please include a copy of your payment receipt.
  • A copy of your whole passport, including all blank pages and the front and back covers.
  • Approval by a panel of experts from the Danish Business Authority.
  • Documentation that will allow you to support yourself while in Denmark.
  • If applicable, documentation of firm ownership.