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Spain Golden Visa – Invest in Spain and Get the Residence Permit


A non-EU individual who intends to make a major investment in the Spanish economy is granted a Golden Visa to reside in Spain. The visa grants the holder and their family residency in Spain as well as visa-free travel across the Schengen Area.

In most circumstances, Golden Visas are awarded to people who buy real estate in Spain. They are also known as Spain Investor Visas since they are accessible to businesspeople who make an investment in a Spanish company.


Who Can Get a Golden Visa for Spain?

You must make one of the following investments to be eligible for a Spanish Golden Visa:

  • Invest at least €500,000 in Spanish real estate. The real estate can be a single unit or a group of units with a total value of at least €500,000.
  • Invest a minimum of €2,000,000.00 in Spanish government debt.
  • Make a deposit of at least €1,000,000.00 in a Spanish bank or buy shares in a firm.
  • Invest in a new firm that will create jobs, contribute to scientific and/or technological innovation, and have a significant socioeconomic impact in the area where it will operate.

You must also meet the following requirements in addition to the investment: • You must be of legal age (+18 years old).

  • You must not have any prior criminal records.
  • You must not have previously been denied a Schengen Visa.
  • In Spain, you must have health insurance.

Because the investment is so large and dangerous, most potential applicants contact with investment immigration consultants to determine their eligibility. La Vida is an immigration legal, real estate, and foreign investment consultancy and support firm. Their team of professionals can assist you sort through your alternatives and even apply for a Spanish Golden Visa.