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002Australia Immigration Pathways

  1.  Immigration Exploring offers comprehensive assistance for skilled immigration programs in Australia,
    specifically targeting engineers and professionals in various fields such as Communications, Computer
    Engineering, Programming, Software, IT, Accountancy, Banking, Marketing, Sales, HR, Science, Social
    Service, Tourism and Hotel, and Home Economics. To be eligible, it is essential to have a minimum of
    three years of practical experience in the same academic field, supported by relevant documents. If you
    fall into any of these categories, you can access the following link:
    https://mynewaustralianlife.com/immigration-exploring. Then, by clicking on the “Yes, I can send my
    resume now” button, you can register with our Australian office. Once registered, you will receive detailed
    information on how to proceed with the qualification process for your desired program and how to obtain
    your visa successfully.
  2. Immigration Exploring not only assists you in acquiring a work permit but also guides you towards
    obtaining permanent residency and citizenship in Australia, provided you secure a work contract from an
    Australian employer.
  3. Additionally, Immigration Exploring supports you in applying for Australian university admissions for your
    children after high school or during their ongoing university studies. For university graduates, we can
    assist in obtaining study permits, work permits, permanent residency, and citizenship, provided you have
    the necessary financial means.
  4. We also offer assistance in applying for a Visit Visa to Australia and provide comprehensive support for
    family reunification procedures in the country.Choose Immigration Exploring for all your Australia immigration needs. Our professional services are designed to
    make your journey smooth and successful. Our aim is to provide professional and comprehensive immigration
    services to help you achieve your goals in Australia