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Austria Immigration Programs

Job Seeker Visa
Immigration Exploring specializes in assisting individuals in applying for an Austrian Job Seeker Visa, which serves as a pathway to obtaining a Work Permit, Permanent Residence, and eventually, Citizenship in Austria.

Study Permit
In addition, when you possess the necessary financial resources, we can support you in applying for your children’s admission to Austrian universities. Whether it’s right after high school, during their university studies, or after graduation, we can assist in obtaining Study Permits, followed by work permits, permanent residency, and ultimately, citizenship.

Work Permit
If you secure a work contract from Austria, Immigration Exploring can help you obtain a Work Permit, followed by Permanent Residency and Citizenship.

Visit Visa
Furthermore, our services extend to aiding you in obtaining a Tourist Visa in Austria, allowing you to visit the country for leisure purposes.

Family Reunification
We are also well-equipped to assist you with family reunification procedures, ensuring a smooth process for you and your loved ones.

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