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Poland is located east of Germany and is a member of the European Union. Investors who intend to start a business in Poland can apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland. To be eligible for a temporary residency permit, the investor must first establish a firm and show that they earn at least 15,000 EUR in annual income. If the 15,000 EUR income is multiplied, the investors may be able to obtain multiple temporary residence visas. Real estate can be used as a business by investors. After three years of temporary residency in Poland, the foreigner can apply for permanent residence.

After three years of continuous residence in Poland, the foreigner is eligible to seek for naturalization as a Polish citizen. Citizenship by investment is also available at the government’s discretion. It’s not an easy process, but in the past, investors who put more than 1 million euros into the Polish economy were eligible for expedited naturalization. With visa-free travel to the United States and freedom of movement inside the European Union, the Polish passport is one of the best in the world.

Poland Business Investor

Some foreigners may establish and conduct business exclusively through the following entities

  • limited partnership
  • limited joint stock partnership
  • A limited-liability corporation
  • a joint-stock corporation